The proliferation of digital learning resources and platforms has transformed the field of education in many parts of the developed world, but has yet to be utilized in much of the developing world. To leverage existing technologies and virtual platforms can mean the difference between progressing in one’s education in a modern society and getting left behind. Especially in contexts where educational infrastructure is underdeveloped, and qualified & motivated teachers are lacking, the opportunity to make real progress and positively impact the academic achievement of youth is clear.

Visions intends to help lead the way in bringing meaningful, high quality educational opportunities to youth in developing countries through technology. While we are certainly not the first to pioneer e-learning initiatives and promote tech literacy, we endeavor to build off our ongoing experiences & programs in creating innovative tech-based solutions for traditionally marginalized youth and communities, especially in rural settings.

Current Visions’ e-Learning initiatives including the following:

  • In India, Visions has an ongoing tablet-based e-Learning Program at 9 schools (across Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, and Maharashtra) that has benefited an estimated 2,200+ primary schoolchildren to-date
  • In Nicaragua, we launched an e-Learning Program in early 2017 to promote the development of reading & tech literacy skills and improved proficiency in English and mathematics amongst schoolchildren at 3 rural schools in the Matagalpa region.
  • In Nicaragua, we are also currently working toward establishing the Vera Corazón School – a residential school for disadvantaged girls in Matagalpa. Tentatively set to open in February 2019, the school aims to provide an ideal learning environment, in which students will not only benefit from instruction in standard subjects, but supplementary education in English, IT/computers, leadership, & entrepreneurship, and participation in a wide range of extracurricular opportunities.
  • More broadly, we are working toward creating a self-paced digital curriculum and platform for our own Visions Leadership & Life Skills curriculum and training program (to be made available at a later date).


Download our Introduction to the Visions e-Learning Program for more details of this initiative.