We believe all children should have access to meaningful and engaging education.

Worldwide, an estimated 750 million people are illiterate today. Over 262 million children are out of school. In many parts of the world, especially in rural and economically distressed communities, there is a shortage of experienced, qualified teachers and an absence of a functioning educational system.

Technology has immense potential to reshape the global education landscape by making learning fun, self-paced and accessible to all.  Our innovative solution is part of a growing global movement to teach literacy and make learning meaningful.

Unlocking potential by building quality e-learning games for all.

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An initiative of Visions Global Empowerment, aims to invigorate every child’s desire to learn by making accessible and open-source e-learning games and content for every grade and every subject, starting with literacy.

We help programmers and educators collaborate to craft quality open-source games.  The best ones are vetted and added to our virtual library of e-learning resources, which we help share with low-income and hard-to-reach communities by forging strategic partnerships and using the most efficient and cost-effective technology available.

Our work is based on Research & Design

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Expert programmers and educators are at the helm of our innovative Game Editor, which hands over control of games to teachers and players. Anyone anywhere can translate the game into a different language, change the content, or rewrite and record the game’s script to suit their teaching / learning needs.      

Our team has already built the first two levels of a Spanish literacy learning game called “Vera la Vaquita” to demonstrate how the platform works.

For tablet distribution to children in low-income communities, our hardware engineers are sourcing the most cutting-edge technology for the lowest cost possible. 

We are Open-Sourced & Offline

Our platform is open to the world, for anyone to build, tweak, or play games in any language, for any topic. We want tablets in the hands of children in the most rural, marginalized and economically distressed communities especially, so they can download and play games for free either on- or offline.  

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Limitless Opportunities

Our e-game matching service connects educators and software developers around the world to produce an ever-growing library of curated games and e-learning resources. Users choose their own fun, engaging content to learn at their own pace, all while building literacy and other foundational skills.

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Join Us!

We are working to build a coalition of partners, investors, content curators and tech professionals who share our passion for making educational opportunities accessible to all individuals, regardless of the circumstances into which they were born. We believe we have a collective responsibility to ensure that the children of today are able to access a high-quality education and realize their potential. We hope you’ll join us!