Leadership Program

In most developing countries, personal leadership & life skills development is not part of the standard curriculum or the overall educational experience of youth, especially those from underprivileged communities facing hardship and marginalization. Yet, the opportunity to develop these personal abilities & talents is essential to realizing one’s full potential and leading a more meaningful life. Utilizing our own curriculum that has been developed, vetted, and adapted continuously since 2003, we aim to shape engaged, informed, and socially conscious youth leaders and global citizens.

The Visions Leadership Program has been our flagship program since inception and remains at the core of every educational development endeavor we undertake. To-date, more than 3,300 youth and adults have been directly trained in our highly interactive leadership & life skills curriculum, which now covers:

  • core leadership concepts (ie: teamwork, goal-setting, problem-solving, communication skills, etc.)
  • pressing social issues (ie: gender equity & equality, environmental protection, use of technology in our lives, etc.)
  • profiles of inspiring global leaders from a wide variety of disciplines
  • profiles of various career and vocational opportunities (including what they entail, how you achieve them, etc.)
  • action-oriented instruction & opportunities for engaging in community service & social welfare development efforts
  • learning through practical, hands-on activities and games, combined with thoughtful discussion & reflection

As Visions is committed to working exclusively with marginalized communities affected by poverty, conflict, and disability, we aim to motivate and equip youth who are often at the bottom of the social hierarchy to invest in themselves first and take action for the benefit of others second. Everyone deserves the right to live their best life, and everyone has the ability to make the world a little better – through the Visions Leadership Program, youth across the globe are doing just that!


Download our Introduction to the Visions Leadership Program for more details of this initiative.