Bridging the gap between school and either higher education or the working world is always a major challenge and concern for youth worldwide. With this in mind, Visions has provided more than 150 scholarships to-date for high-achieving, motivated individuals to pursue their dreams across Sri Lanka, India, & Ethiopia. Though there are too many to mention, here are a few of the highlights:

  • Scholarships for 3 young women from Sri Lanka to attend multi-year professional Bharatha Natyam dance program in India
  • Opening education savings accounts for 10 orphaned boys in Jaffna, Sri Lanka
  • Scholarships for 45 tsunami-affected dalit Indian & Sri Lankan refugee youth in India
  • Dozens of scholarships for youth to pursue undergraduate & graduate studies or vocational / technical training programs, or to start a small business
  • Multiple internships for war-affected youth in Northern & Eastern Sri Lanka to pursue professional development opportunities
  • The establishment of an endowment fund (the Jayalakshmi Ramachandran Scholarship Program) in India to support low-income students interested in pursuing higher studies in medicine, which has so far resulted in the disbursement of more than $22,000 to 14 high-achieving youth / future doctors

Though we continue to facilitate and make available scholarship opportunities like these for youth in the communities we serve, the Visions Youth Guidance & Support Program today seeks to provide more structured and holistic support, including:

  • counseling / mentorship
  • exam prep & registration
  • access to information about higher education & technical opportunities, requirements, etc.
  • support with drafting applications, CVs, scholarship applications, and essays
  • interview training
  • intensive spoken English training
  • leadership & life skills development training
  • field trips to prospective universities, programs, etc.
  • parents counseling & planning support
  • regular communication with Visions-supported local staff in order to track and document progress & overall development
  • whenever possible, provide financial assistance or interest-free loans to qualified students

Download our Introduction to the Visions Youth Guidance & Support Program for more details of this initiative.