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Tamara Lafarga, M.S.

Philanthropist, entrepreneur, international health/fitness presenter, real estate investor, artist, nature aficionado, wife, mother and grandmother - Tamara channels her boundless energy and diverse skill set in a myriad of different ventures. Tamara founded CLJ Designs in 1991, built a health and fitness club, was involved in international marketing in Asia, owned alzheimer facilities and has a real estate investment career. She taught health/nutrition in Mexico and Guatemala and high school math and CPR in the USA. Tamara has her BS from the University of Wisconsin, graduate work at University of Wisconsin and University of Nevada as well as a certificate in gerontological counseling form UCSD. She is a native speaker of Spanish as well.

She also currently serves on the Board of Miracle Babies, and in the past she served as the Board Chair for The Foundation for Women.  This year she is Co-Chair of the Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Grant Fund as well as Co-Chair of the Art of Fashion. In past years she has served as Gala Chair for Miracle Babies, Moore’s Cancer Center, St. Germaine’s, and several other organizations. She supports the Rancho Santa Fe Humane Society, The Vision of Children Foundation, The Mt. Soledad Organization and numerous others.  

Her hobbies include art, dance and time in nature. In addition to her family, her true passion is, “to alleviate the pain and suffering oaf all living beings in every possible manner.” She feels strongly that it is her responsibility and privilege to help those in need.